Book-OnlineMembership Benefits

  • Discountes on our RCGA Handicap System
  • Unlimited Golf Privileges
  • Preferred Tee Times
  • Discounted Liquor Cards
  • Discounted Cart Rentals
  • 10 day Advance Booking
  • Discounted Tournament Rates
  • Voting Privileges

Free Membership- Referral Program

The Acme Golf Club is looking to increase our memberships. We are willing to pay our present members to find more members. Pick up the phone, send an email you might be able to play for FREE next season. For every new member you sign up up that was not a member in 2018 you will receive a $75 credit towards your 2019 membership.

Sign up 6 members for a single membership and 10 for a couples. If you sign three or four members during the 2019 season or after you paid your membership, you will still receive a credit but for 2018 membership or you can put it towards a yearly cart rental.

2-Person Corporate

If you own or manage a small-medium sized organization, the 2-Person Corporate membership would be a perfect solution that would allow:

  • 2 named people (Owners) with unlimited golf as a full member for the 2019 season.
  • A named Owner may take out any client or staff at any time throughout the 2019 season, as long as the companion golf’s at the same time as the person named on the membership.
  • A named Owner could also take out a spouse, family member of guest of their choice at any time throughout the 2019 season as long as it is at the same time.
  • No date restrictions! Can use 7 days-a-week including holidays
  • One 2-person Corporate membership would allow an individual to golf with clients, staff or family for the entire year… what a bargain!!!
  • Click here for rates

Corporate Membership Program

  • For companies that enjoy golf and would like to entertain guests or clients.
  • A great company perk, may help land and retain employees.
  • Up to 6 guests per day.
  • No date restrictions! Can use 7 days a week including holidays.
  • Up to 4 people can book tee times with your membership
  • Click here for rates

With the corporate membership the company or individual wishing to purchase this, will be required to give the golf course 4 names to be associated with this corporate membership.  Each of these names on the list can book a tee time and bring 3 non members.  These individuals green fees for 9 or 18 holes will be free.  If they wish to purchase a power cart, it will be the responsibility of these individuals to pay for this before there round of golf.   These times can be used weekdays or weekends at no additional cost and is capped at a maximum of two tee times per day.

Each tee time must have a corporate member in the group.   Which means you can bring up to a maximum of 6 guests each day, and the two corporate members, to create the two foursomes.  The corporate member must play with their guests, as 4 guests cannot play together.   You can bring all 4 corporate members with 4 guests, but the guests must play with at least 1 corporate member.  All corporate members will be given a corporate membership card, and must present this card, with photo id, for your guests to play golf that day.

If anyone wishes to purchase a yearly cart rental, it is $450 for a single individual or $600 for two couples.  These users will also be given cards for this cart rental and must show them to rent the power cart.